'Wall' - black clay used in press moulds and white clay print with different cupper and iron oxide glazes, 1.40 x 78 cms x 32 cms on view at the EKWC, 2020.

'60 Khachapuri' - porcelain and stoneware, clay pouring mould technique, used to make acoustic ceramic objects in the form of Georgian bread with an egg in the middle. Led glazes and self made yellow and black engobe glazes. performance by Channa Boon and Kate Moore on March 15 2020, during the 'Test Case' - exhibition and Open Day at the EKWC.

The Python and the Marangona / La Pizia e la Marangona
duration: 40'
Future Rhythms, collateral event of the 56th Venice Biennale 'All the World's Futures' S.a.L.E. DOCKS, Venice.

Sonata Obscura
one channel HD video, ceramics, fabric, wood.
composition: Siglinde Burghouts

Capitalocean', w139 Amsterdam
September 2016

'Et in Arcadia Ego'
(HD 30':00") is premiering at the Venice Biennale 2015, as part of the collateral event 'Jump into the Unknown' by 9Dragonheads Korea.

“Angel among the ruins”, an international group exhibition curated by Ronit Eden for Neue Berliner Räume. One of the points of departure for this exhibition is Walter Benjamin’s description of one of Paul Klee’s famous paintings: Angelus Novus (1920). With Cyprien Gaillard, Aernout Mik, Hala Elkoussy and others.

The Experience of Place
ongoing project since 2008
investigating the post soviet hemisphere
and the functioning of creative thought processes

The Reincarnations are playing again
PR photograph 2008

l'Heure du Passage
short film 2007

Man in the City - To Chi In
Chang dong National Art Studios Seoul, South Korea
National Museum of Contemporary Art