'Jump into the Unknown', collateral event at the Venice Biennial 2015.
Premiere of 'Et in Arcadia Ego'

Painting as an Irrational and Necessary Impulse:
- Reflections on the Films of Channa Boon

by Mike Watson 2012

Channa Boon: thinking about a conversation between the monkey and the freak
by Catherine Hemelryk 2009

- gedachten over een middeleeuwse kunstenaar

door Channa Boon 2001

Kastalia (4) - 2001
Uitgever: Stichting Kastalia
Hoofdredactie: Jurriaan Benschop

First release LUXUS label,
17' inch vinyl record, 1997
with Julian Dashper, NZ

Stroomjournaal # 12, ‘The Nighttrain’,  May 1998.

Ha’aretz Tel Aviv June 1998: ‘De Viegende Hollander/The Flying Dutchman’ by Avivith

The Hague Newspaper June 1998: ‘Het hier en nu is er even niet’ by Roos van Put

The Hague Newspaper May 1998: ‘Dood, tijd en onthechting’  by Roos van Put

‘Nico’, catalogue with the exhibition Visual Art in the old town of The Hague , 1998.

VPRO Afternoon edition (t.v) with Hanneke Groenteman, Nov. 1998.

‘Matter in motion: Channa Boon & Petra Halkes ’Lightship’ by Chris Byford 1999.

Border Crossings: ‘Seeing isn’t believing’ by Carol Podedworny feb, 1999.

Catalogue with the exhibition ‘Salva Mea’, Aug. 1999.

NRC Handelsblad: ‘Er zit leven in Den Haag’ by Janneke Wesseling, 2002.

Kunstbeeld ‘Peter Cleutjens Award voor Quartair’, by Robbert Roos, 2002.

‘The Project Standing by 000’: text: Suh Jinsuk and Chun Sungmin, August 2004.

‘Het Ondergewone’ – 55 kunstenaars uit Den Haag, by Stroom, beeldende kunst t/m architectuur, 2005.

`Midwestern Unlike You and Me: New Zealand's Julian Dashper'. Publication by the Sioux City Art Center, Sioux City, Iowa, U.S, 2005.

‘PEK’, catalogue with the Film Festival, by Filmstad, The Hague, 2005.

`Flat', publication with the exhibition by Julian Dashper, New Zealand 2006, text: David Raskin.

‘Een feestje voor insiders’ by Babette Knol, Den Haag Centraal newspaper, May 2007.

Catalogus International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 2007.

Catalogus ‘El Quinto Pasajero’, La Paz, Berlin, July 2007.

…from their planet…catalogue with the exhibition produced by Harm Lux, Berlin, 2008.

DH/Magazin magasin about art in The Hague, published by Stroom The Hague.

Catalogue ‘For the First and the Second time’, produced by the Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius, texts by Virginija Januskeviciute and Valentinas Klimasauskas, Lithuania, Nov. 2008.

Publication with the Premium subsidy published by Stroom, The Hague, nov. 2009.

DH/Magazin, magasin about art in The Hague, published by Stroom, Den Haag, 2010.

‘It Is ‘Life’, catalogue with the exhibition MINUS SPACE, Brooklyn, NY, 2010.

Catalogue ‘Artisterium 2011, Free Fall’, 2011.

Catalogue ‘9Dragonheads Korea’, overview of the last decade, 2011.

Catalogus Artfair ‘Art Bosporus’, 2012.

Catalogue with the Mute Nights Film Festival Odessa, 2012.

live talkshow and press conference on ADTV Ukraine, several articles in the Odessa Post, Odessa Globe en other local newspapers about the Mute Night Festival Odessa, June 2012.

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